Choose present perfect simple or continuous 1

1) Have they arrived (they/arrive) already?

2) Lucy I’s run (run) 2000 metres today.

3) I I’ve been cleaning (clean) all morning – I’m fed up!

4) How long have you known (you/know) Simon?

5) I I’ve been drinking (drink) more water recently, and I feel better.

6) Sorry about the mess! I I’ve been baking (bake).

7) How many times have you taken (you/take) this exam?

8) He I’s eaten (eat) six bars of chocolate today.

9) Julie I’s cooked (cook) dinner. Let’s go and eat!

10) The students have finished (finish) their exams. They’re very happy.

11) The baby’s face is really dirty. What has he been eating (he/eat)?

12) Iona is exhausted these days. She I’s been working (work) too hard recently.

13) Luke I’s never been (never/be) abroad.

14) I I’ve been waiting (wait) three hours already!

15) Have you finished (you/finish) your homework yet?

16) How long have you been (you/be) a lawyer?

17) I I’ve been reading (read) your book all day. It’s very interesting, but I’m only on chapter 2.

18) She I’s drunk (drink) ten glasses of water!

19) I I’ve had (have) my dog for sixteen years.

20) Help, I I’ve lost (lose) my wallet. How can I get home?

9.1 What have these people been doing or what has been happening?

  1. They I’ve been shopping.
  2. She has been watching television.
  3. They have been playing tennis.
  4. He has been runing.

9.2 Write a question foe each situation.

  1. You meet Paul as he is leaving the swimming pool. You ask: (you/swim?) Have you been swimming?
  2. You have just arrived to meet a friend who is waiting for you. You ask: (you/wait/long?) Have you been waiting long?
  3. You meet a friend in the street. His face and hands are very dirty. You ask: (what/you/do?) What have you been doing?
  4. A friend of yours in now working in a shop. You want to kow how long. You ask: (howlong/you/work/there?) How long have you been working there?
  5. A friend tells you about his job – he slls mobile phones. You want to know how long. You ask: (how long/you sell/mobile phones?) How long have you been selling computers?

9.3 Read the situations and complete the sentences.

  1. It’s raining. The rain started two hours ago. It’s been raining for two hours.
  2. We are waiting for the bus. We started waiting 20 minutes ago. We have been waiting for 20 minutes.
  3. I’m learning Spanish. I started classes in December. I have been learning Spanish since December.
  4. Jessica is working in a supermarket. She started working there on 18 January. She has been working there since 18 January.
  5. Our friends always spend their holidays in Italy. They started going there years ago. They have been going there for years.

9.4 Put the verb into the present continous (I am -ing) or present perfect continuous (I have been -ing).

  1. Maria has been lerning (Maria / learn) English for two years.
  2. Hello Tom. I have been looking (I / look) for you. Where have you been?
  3. Why are you looking (you / look) at me like that? Stop it!
  4. Linda is a teacher. She has been teaching (she / teach) for ten years.
  5. I have been thinking (I / think) about what you said and I’ve decided to take your advice.
  6. ‘Is Paul on holiday this week?’ ‘No, he is working (he / work).’
  7. Sarah is very tired. She has been working (she / work) very hard recently.

«Present perfect continuous»

  1. How long have you been studying English?
  2. He has been playing football all day.
  3. I’ve been waiting for you for two hours.
  4. Grandpa in the park has been working very hard.
  5. The boy has been riding a bicycle since she was ten years old.
  6. Teacher for student work been waiting for hours.
  7. It’s been snowing for serval hours.
  8. Children been on the phone all day.
  9. The girl been talked to her friend about the problem.
  10. Why are you late? I been looked for you everywhere.

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