Continue the sentences using your imagination and creativity

• I got depressed when … i could not do what i wanted

• He was stunned and … surprised

• My neighbors are likely to… angry with me for making noise

• She felt encouraged by… mother

• He deserves all he gets because.. he achieved that result honestly

• It is a great honor

• I could have forgiven her if … he would understand his mistake

II. Guess the word by its definition

• The ability to say the right thing-

• Once a year- birthday

• Very cold- frozen

• Tell beforehand- warn

• Make better- improve

III. Confusing grammar. Read the sentences carefully and find the correct sentence to the question.

• Jane left when Tim arrived. Bob left when Tim had arrived. When Tim arrived, Mary was leaving. John had left when Tim arrived. After Tim arrived, Frank left. Who did not run into Tim? Ո՞վ չհանդիպեց Թիմին:

John. He left before Tim’s arrival.

• Jane is talking in class. Bob always talks in class. Mary is always talking in class. Whose action bothers you?


• I’m going to make dinner for Frank. I’m making dinner for Judy. I’ll make dinner for Mary. I make dinner for Ted. I will be making dinner for Tony. Who are you offering to make dinner for?


IV. Answer the following questions and justify your viewpoint in two or three sentences

• Some students prefer to study alone, others prefer to study with a group of people. Which do you prefer?

study with a group of people

• Many teachers assign homework to students every day. Do you think that daily homework is necessary for students?

of course

• Is it better to enjoy your money as soon as you earn it, or is it better to save your money for a rainy day?

If I want to spend that moment, I will spend

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